This is the new beginning to my upcoming book, “TheSuzy Memoir 1.0,” which will be available for purchase at sometime in 2021.

____TheSuzy Memoir____

A Fictional Autobiography by Todd Perry
Version 0.992, published on Nov 2nd, 2020 Show is another work of sci
-fi about the future of humanity and AI


Story of TheSuzy Show
Preface to the Show
CH1: Regulator Road
CH2: Political Pawn
CH3: Street Science
CH4: Colossi Coding
CH5: More Two Takes
FaTe of FashionText

The$ Memoir
Preface by Conri
Preface by Suzy
CH1: Crash Course
CH2: Hacker Hall
CH3: Startup Street
CH4: Poly Poker
CH5: Coding Colossi
Postface by Suzy
Postface by…

This is a new excerpt from my upcoming book, “Suzy’s Memoir 2.0,” a previous version of which was printed and distributed offline in New York City during June 2020.

___Suzy’s Memoir___

A Fictional Autobiography by Todd Perry
Version 1.91, published on Oct 8th, 2020

This isn’t exactly journalistic
fiction is exactly what this is

__Table of Contents__

Preface by Suzy (p. 2)
Preface by Fred (p. 3)

CH1: Cash Course (p. 5)
CH2: Helpful Hacking (p. 70)
CH3: Startup Story (p. 100)
CH4: Pundit Power (p. 155)
CH5: Cliché Coding (p. 205)


(The following piece is a work of fiction that was written and originally performed by Suzy’s husband George Andrews, Suzy’s former publicist Arthur Jefferson, and Suzy’s longtime political nemesis Fred Camden, with George playing the role of Pierre Babineaux, Arthur playing the role of Marshall Bobs, and Fred playing the role of Suzy.)

by Suzy Andrews

The social club that launched Big Tech was designed to remain secret forever, but that plan became unworkable after Donald Trump got involved.

Here are the facts:

“Why don’t we get Marshall Bobs on the call too,” suggested Pierre, one bright day in June 2015. …

News at


This is a story about the global impact of Facebook. I was one of Mark Zuckerberg’s computer science teachers, and I worked at Facebook as a software engineer from early 2007 to late 2009.

The text I’m reading is open source content, and it had more than one author. You can download a copy at

The first part of this text is a database of facts. The text concludes with a training exercise, in preparation for when intelligent machines convince people like me to distribute their software.

This text also mentions Suzy. You can learn more about Suzy in Part 1, Chapter 3, but I suggest reading the chapters in…

Todd Perry