____TheSuzy Memoirs____

A Fictional Autobiography by Todd Perry
Version 1, published on Jul. 13th, 2021

TheSuzy.com Show is another work of sci
-fi about the future of humanity and AI

___Table of Contents___

Story of TheSuzy Show (p. 2)
Preface to the Show (p. 3)
CH1: Regulator Road (p. 11)
CH2: Political Pawn (p. 20)
CH3: Street Science (p. 23)
CH4: Colossi Coding (p. 24)
CH5: More Two Takes (p. 25)
FaTe of FameText (p. 26)

TheSuzy Memoir (p. 26)
Preface by Conri (p. 26)
Preface by Suzy (p. 27)
CH1: Crash Course (p. 29)
CH2: Hacker Hall (p. 86)…

Todd Perry

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