Two views vis-à-vis South Florida: from the lobby to the boardroom at TheSusie global HQ in S2011

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Todd Perry
2 min readJan 25, 2024

FASHION TEXT are fictionalized accounts of life that create future possibilities by building trust between humans and AI,” as follows:

Book I: everyone can buy it in print at or also link to, and I put an S in front of historical dates within Susie’s universe, like S2011, which is when and where her fictional production company published the first version of this book, not unlike what happened in reality a decade or so later.

Montage of Susie’s AI-assistant, PC, and her editor, Heather, in S2033

Book II: In 2014, I began selling the original seven episodes as an ebook called “ Show: Conversations about the culture of Silicon Valley,” and then I delisted it in early 2018, but I plan to publish an all new printed edition version in 2025 that already includes this news item upfront.

Self-portraits of the author, with and without dressing up like his protagonist

Book III: I wrote the first draft of this fictional autobiography [1] in just three weeks during June 2017, but I probably won’t make time to finish editing a more literary final version [2] until 2026.

[1] that’s primarily about projecting my vision for the future of AI in contrast with the social media history de jure…du jour

[2] that includes a preface by Susie, who explains why it takes a full-length novel to summarize this narrative, with or without SharkInjury

AI-visualizations of what Susie and Heather were doing in college during S1993

Please visit or for more info.

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