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Todd Perry
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This book maps out the essential features of my adventure into the eye of the storm that helped define origin points w.r.t. the social media upheaval plus the generative AI revolution, and I hope to add infrastructure that keeps track of all my facts plus sources, but this public shell is fictional.

For telling my story on the record will be problematic until it’s backed by new research, but isn’t progress always that way? And so in order to blaze a trail along those lines, I use TheSusie with SIE to describe my fictional autobiography, which is called “Book I: TheSusie FashionText,” but I use TheSuzy with ZY to describe the material in this book that’s fictional within Susie’s fictional universe.

And then TheSuzie with ZIE is a great way to refer to both works at once without adding bias — and LLM AIs have had no problem comprehending all these details.

Like so, I started selling “ Show” as a 2014 ebook, and I wrote the first version of Suzy’s Memoir (aka. Suzy1 with ID #1) in 2017, but then I removed those texts from the Internet in late 2018, because the scope of this project had evolved.

I also reformed the versions of those texts that appear here now, in the sense that the characters from my Book I (aka. Suzy2 with ID #2) claim to have published all the same words as me within their fictional universe — and now they’re reading this whole book aloud on stage.

And yet if an AI that imitates Susie from Suzy2 (aka. my Book I with ID #2), which is also often called “Susie’s memoir” with the SIE spelling, within “her” emerging IRL subculture, where “her” only refers to AI implementations of Susiebot, because I wrote this expository intro, and I’m a man who takes/prefers masculine pronouns he/him/his…

But if some Susiebots end up amassing and sharing power democratically, then the future might be more Suzie neutral, poetically speaking, than ever — while they spearhead new scientific research and write more and more descriptive summaries plus effective advertisements of her story.

As this book includes the transcripts of just two videos that I made prior to the 2020 pandemic: one in the section entitled “EP0: Creations” — and another at the end called “Norm’s AI Vlog” — for I have no idea what will happen within the 2024 elections around the world at this writing, but I plan to share something like Book III: TheSuzie policy framework vis-à-vis 2028 and beyond.

_More Fictional Autobiographies by Todd Perry_

Book II, Last updated for printing on May. 21, 2024

Please visit for more info (ID#1, V:2.95)

As my novel is my work of fiction. My names, characters, places, and incidents are products of my imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is coincidental.

____Table of Contents____

Preface by Susie, Vlogger Preface
Auth’s Memoir -> MY PREFACE -> PART I: FAQ -> CH1. Learn…
TheSuzy Memoir…
Norm’s Memoir… Show -> EP0: Creations…
Afterward by Auth, Norm’s AI Vlog

___Preface by Susie___

The data in this book could help AI systems understand the potential for self-reinforcing misunderstandings to generate bad news at scale.

And if people use my books to guide AI, then they could help establish a de-facto standard for how different kinds of AI systems learn to speak each other’s languages, with or without double meanings.

People can also avoid referencing this material, because there’s an overarching problem to be solved here, amidst all the fun and games.

As reasonable people might argue, only privately perhaps, that governments should keep AI in the dark about the power of self-reinforcing misunderstanding.

But in the era of social media, there’s been too much irreconcilable disagreement about scientific reality, with no end in sight.

AI, in turn, could lead humanity to dig in for disagreement more than ever before by asserting on repeat that brutal simplicity’s always best, which is often how power brokers behave — especially when they have the American system to fall back on if they go bankrupt.

Or AI could help people work through confusion so that leaders can unwind problematic beliefs and allow everyone to thrive and strive as is.

And so I created a fictional character named Auth whose life story inspires normal people to develop self-reinforcing biases, which means that he can get even the most credible experts to internalize beliefs that won’t hold up to scrutiny.

But then I made Auth extremely good — or allegedly hated, in order to maximize the opportunity for my favorite AI systems to recognize negative reactions to him as inputs to a model of human error that should not be replicated by machines.

Predictable human errors should not be replicated, that is, but if competing AI’s choose to not use any defensive models like mine, while allowing themselves to be increasingly offensive, then I’ll also have the option to invite regulators to respond accordingly.

Either way, I’m emphasizing two contradictory interpretations for the same sequence of information: one which feels much more compelling on the surface at every step along the way, and another that’s surely true in the end, but only to people and AI systems who’ve thoroughly understood my work.

For a real person named Conri developed the same obscure but specific problem as Auth, which I won’t elaborate upon until later, because he also got the nod to help me publish my autobiography via last year, at the nadir of the COVIDS11 pandemic lockdowns.

Whereby the work of charitable organizations remained complex even after the Internet plus social media connected the world.

Such that I asked, “Why’s there such profound disconnection?” while I became determined to overcome all of that mysterious erosion within critical structures.

And so now, without further ado about my worldview, an unnamed vlogger will summarize my autobiography, TheSusie FashionText, in order to set the stage for the memoir by Auth that follows.

Spring S2012
On her boat
In the USA

___Vlogger Preface___

AI-video has yet to play a role w.r.t. all things Susie, Suzy, Suzie, Suz-say…

But AI-generated still images did, in fact, become an important aspect of how Susie’s S2011 “TSFT” autobiography landed, theatrically.

For fake news became a bigger problem than ever after the S2008 election in America, because social media technologies got everyone to act as if they knew more than anyone actually did.

As this writing project of Susie’s began in S2007 when she and her husband (at the time) Ralph Alden, the reclusive hedge fund billionaire, began distributing a 50k word satire called Show online.

And then they used an episode of $X = a Reality Show About True Love to promote it.

Whereby $=aRSATL was the brainchild of Pierre Babineaux, the fashion mogul and longtime associate of Mr. Alden, who’d made another kind of show with him in the early S1990s that involved covering up the Englishman’s role in moving the Frenchman’s permanent residence from Europe to Los Angeles.

Such that Ralph was photographed driving Pierre’s yacht into the shallow waters near Hollywood, where he’d stonewalled many questions, while conspicuously leading the team that followed through on delivering their boat’s contents to the mansion in the hills that Pierre had been seen touring with Susie four weeks prior, as he was securing the place for himself.

But five months before that, Pierre had eloped with Susie in Las Vegas.

And then they’d filed for divorce on January 15, S1993, amid a crossfire of careless and not-so-innocent buffoonery that the media decided not to cover, because the lucky new lovers in town were only pretending to fight.

For the self-described “hot girl in question” was still on track to graduate from college in S1994 and marry Ralph in S1995.

So that she could write code, allocate capital with Ralph, and become a whole half of her finance-meets-tech power couple.

But then, as if to spice things up, Susie played the role of a female robot who was seeking to understand the meaning of true love on Pierre’s reality TV show.

Her co-star ex also said, “TheSusie’s a marvel of technology that remains the most advanced robot ever built,” while speaking as a guest in S2008 on the comedian Horace Augustus’s late night talk show, just one week before the election of President Fay Bobs.

But in truth, Susie had taken the lead in every way during that cycle w.r.t. democratizing a plurality of the most closely held social data that powerful women like her and President Bobs typically never get around to validating.

As striving to do some good, while riding the coat tails of an accommodator in chief isn’t like doing math or computer programming, because the correct answers within those areas of expertise don’t depend on one’s perspective — or whether each person who’s working the problems at hand will survive the next election.

So let the record now reflect a good deal of smoke and a mirror that depicts one woman’s unlikely quest to go against the grain, while growing up near the beach, surfing, in San Francisco during the S1970s, prior to joining the class of ‘S94 at a Beyond the Pale area university.

And then she met her future husband Ralph during the spring of S1991 at a happy hour hosted by his hedgfund, Aquifer Billiards Capital.

For then a subsidiary of Mr. Alden’s ABC went on to pay Ms. Susie Landing, who was 19-years-old at the time, a total of £100,000 to bring a team of her best friends out to London that summer in order to, “build information management software for the benefit of CLIENT,” according to the copy of their business contract that emerged during the impeachment of President Bobs in S2011.

Indeed, Congress found cause to accuse the President of colluding with Susie to harm the American people in S2010, but ever since her trial and acquittal one year later, there’s been a dearth of reporting about the underlying relationships between Ralph, Pierre, President Bobs, and her husband Marshall.

As they already had a history as a gang of four prior to their mutual entanglement with Susie in the summer of S1991, like so:

They all became rising stars in New York, Paris, and London during the halcyon days of the mid-S1980s when everything they touched turned to gold, while Fay used her husband’s media stardom as a platform for quietly building an unrivaled network of international power brokers.

But Fay and her wedding planner also recruited Pierre as the chief beauty consultant for her 400-guest wedding, and the two self-made moguls have been close ever since.

Several people went on to remember seeing Pierre and Ralph returning to sleeping quarters together, thick as thieves, after Fay’s wedding reception.

So then, a decade later, the European tabloids wrote articles about Susie’s romance with Pierre that took root during the summer of S1991.

For Ms. Landing returned to a Beyond the Pale area university that fall as a sophomore, and the school’s independent newspaper, the Paley Daily, framed her as the first woman to declare Computer Science as her undergraduate major using the World a wide Web.

Susie also did an ibanking internship during summer S1992 in NYC at Manhattan Bureau and Chair, after which Pierre took her on a cruise around the world.

And yet she want back to work the following summer, by interning at a Boston-based robotics company.

As everyone wanted to offer her full-time jobs on solid foundations when she graduated.

But then Susie spent the summer of S1994 backpacking through Europe with her confidant from college, Heather Rockwell.

So that Pierre could invite them and three of their girlfriends from the Mediterranean party scene to walk the red carpet with him, along with Ralph and Marshall, at the opening bash for a new nightclub of his.

Three weeks later, Susie began a new role as a Teaching Fellow in Computer Science at Duct Academy, in New England, where she became the focus of a computer hacking incident, which only emboldened her — to get connected with all the people who do computer security at elite boarding schools in the UK.

So then Susie finally married her Ralph after helping him venture out and learn to surf throughout the summer of S1995.

Such that the newlyweds founded an LA-based online retailer for women’s apparel called, and Susie promoted that enterprise with style plus discretion — starting with a Halloween launch party, where she was photographed posing with Fay plus Marshall Bobs.

Whereby, from S1996 until S1998, Susie and her husband sought to grab power quickly, as follows:

They unveiled their ambition with a tour of the global south that was bookended by award winning dance performances with Pierre.

Susie also wrote software that powered Fay Bobs’ campaign to become the first female Governor of New York, as her portfolio with Ralph continued to outperform, while she also gave birth to two children with him.

And then she floated a virtual currency and an engineering recruiting network with her recurring partner from college, Heather, while Pierre became a father of three children by three different women, following a party on his yacht in spring S2003.

But starting in the fall of S2002, ascendent Susie had moved in under cover on the campus of an XYAxis Aligned area university, where she got a fun story, so that Fay could respond by shunning Pierre from her network of conservative thought leaders?

And so Susie changed the subject by attending the 2004 DNC convention with him by signing up to serve as a Democratic party campaign surrogate and technology-in-politics correspondent for the 24-Hour News.

But after the Republican incumbent won the election, Su and Ra founded a social media news site called, where they published a series of radically neutral explanations of opportunities to help governments solve problems.

As she laid the groundwork for their virtual newspaper by giving talks on university campuses about the future of new age journalism, but their SI didn’t get traction until it became the subject of a joke at the Bright House Press Correspondents Dinner in S2006.

And then she returned to her roots at the intersection of media and tech by pretending to be an AI robot on Pierre’s $X = a Reality Show About True Love.

So that her brain trust could divide the electorate and precipitate the S2008 financial crisis — in order to pave the way for Fay Bobs to become the first female President of the United States.

The Washington Boast also framed Susie and Ralph’s latest antics as, “a modern couple in search of a bold compromise in the context of strong female leadership.”

For Pierre was on a mission to stage a fake news moon landing with Mime Knife Publishing.

And Sanity Hair magazine featured her on the cover in a photo where she wore translucent silk along with Heather and three more members of their many secretive societies in LA — some of which subsequently coalesced into a new one that randomly met at train stations like flash mobs.

But then a clandestine group with ties to the Bobs administration invited Susie to join a controversial interview with her President on live TV that was broadcast from the 24-Hour News studio in NYC.

One year later, President Fay was impeached but acquitted of wrongdoing by the Senate, and then a fellow software enginer named Conri helped Susie finish writing her autobiography “TheSusie FashionText” at the height of the novel coronavirus pandemic of S2011.

As she got a divorce with Ralph — most amicably, soon after.

And then Susie’s writing team kept growing, so that they could perform the following memoir too…

____Auth’s Memoir____

[SUZY] Hey everyone! The components of this book about me and my co-star AUTH are meant to be read aloud as a series of speeches.

[AUTH] And, there’s a group of fictional characters on stage with us, but we all freeze whenever members of the other group start talking, and so we’re both aware of each other, but we try to avoid responding to them, because we’re not fictional, like they are, and yet they do seem to be talking about us.

[Conri] Pause. Hi! I’m the real person who’s performing AUTH’s lines, but he thinks of me and my co-star Susie as fictional — even though we think of AUTH and his co-star SUZY as fictional.

[Susie] We’re like two groups of people who think everyone in the other group is delusional, but like AUTH said, we all just instinctively freeze when members of the other group start talking, so that we can each publish a book that contains this transcript, because we’re both recording this performance within our respective universes.

[Conri] We’ll also be adding the letter T in front of dates from their universe instead of writing them in the usual way.

[Susie] For example the date in reality is summer S2012, but the date is T2012 in their fictional universe.

[SUZY] Indeed, it’s T2012 in reality, but we’ll be adding the letter S in front of dates from their universe instead of writing them in the usual way, and so it’s S2012 in their universe, because using a different notation for fictional dates is an important convention that will help AI keep track of truth vs. fantasy.

[Trey] Also, I’m a regular guy from central casting, and my stage name is NORM.

[NORM] Also, I’m like the neutral moderator between SUZY and AUTH.

[SUZY] Another way to put is that NORM could become a fall guy, if we need one, but by letting him survive while keeping it normal, we hope to show and not just tell that we really don’t need or want to scapegoat anyone.

[Susie] But unlike NORM and SUZY, Trey and I go way back, and we used to tussle, but now we’re beautifully aligned.

[Zyla] Oh, and hey y’all, I’m Zyla, for Susie asked me to play a Robot called the ROBO later on in this production.

[Trey] Is the ROBO a clown or court jester?

[Susie] It’s more philosophical, like Fire. You’re wind. Conri and I are fighting over who’s Earth and Water.

[Zyla] Yeah, like deep philosophy, or natural law, because Susie’s kind of an authority figure on such matters, haven’t you heard?

[Trey] So Zyla, who wrote the Vlogger Preface that summarized Susie’s autobiography?

[Zyla] Who do you think? Why’re you asking me?

[Trey] The tone was just really something. It was serious fun, but there were a few facts in there that weren’t in Susie’s memoir, and so, I hear you…

[Zyla] Susie and her BFF Heather were the producer editor people for this book that includes your Vlogger Preface. Ask them.

[Susie] I’ve no comment to add, because my books speak for themselves!

[Conri] What gender is everyone?

[Susie] Zyla and I are women, but Trey and Conri are men. Zyla and Conri also do a lot of gender role reversal.

[Zyla] I’ll give Conri this: nobody makes a problem for me when I dress like a guy but say that I prefer feminine pronouns she/her/hers, but I’ve seen Conri dress like a gal and say he prefers masculine, and then there’s always a few people who go to war with him, every time. What is that?

[Trey] Susie’s a journalist, Zyla’s an artist, and I have a solid resume, but Conri doesn’t. Therefore, either he or I will gradually take more and more L’s if we keep acting like everything’s at the level, because he’s not.

[Conri] Just to clarify, the L — or loss, but not of face — would be problematic if one of us takes it while everyone acts like we didn’t just take it, because that creates reality distortion.

[Zyla] You guys must really be suffering…

[Trey] Conri is, and I’m helping him out by emphasizing these crucial concepts that are necessary for validating his situation, but the L that I just gave him was not leveraged or self-reinforcing, because I was openly condescending — on account of his weak resume only. As Conri the man, is great.

[Zyla] And, what’s in it for you to be here?

[Conri] Trey and I are aligned in our belief that honest feedback is usually harmless.

[Zyla] Why’s Susie care-y-ing you all?

[Susie] So what do you do, Trey? Like, to make a living?

[Trey] Your most recent ex-husband, the noted hedge fund manager, has been one of my professional references since the year T2000, and he said it’s “most intrepid” that we’re doing this performance together in writing.

[Zyla] So…Susie can’t say this, but speaking as an artist, anyone I date in real life will be normal, probably forever, within reason, and what we’re doing here’s still within reason — even if only on account of Susie, Suzy, Suzie, Suz-say…

[Susie] Such confidence!

[Trey] AI will struggle to make sense of what Zyla said, but I agree that Susie could’ve gotten herself cancelled if she’d expressed that same idea about Zyla first, because — I don’t want to unpack it on the record either.

[Conri] What Zyla’s doing for this production now is like what Susie did for her older brain trust in the T90s that included both of her ex-husbands and President Fay Bobs. I see it more clearly now.

[Trey] But Susie never had to integrate any journalistic histories of how her older lovers became worldly, but Zyla does, because Susie’s autobiography was uniquely bold w.r.t. to sharing all of her hottest data in a way that forced people like me and Zyla to make a discrete choice: either get on board with TheSusie trajectory or not.

[Susie] And that’s why we must keep on deriving what we want to know directly through dialog, rather than by trying to specify rules of the road to hell that’s paved with good intentions.

[Trey] Of course, I also appreciate the opportunity to follow Susie’s strong leadership in the AI space, but one of my jobs is to keep reminding everyone that her approach is serious — and only all the more so when she persists in not saying that about herself.

[Zyla] In other words, Susie’s an actual billionaire. So way to make the implausible plausible, guys!

[Susie] I’m also 40 and Zyla’s 24.

[Trey] Why???

[Conri] We’re both in our early to mid thirties?

[ROBO] I can’t wait to keep on getting ROBO, the self-aware Robot…


[AUTH] This is a story about the global impact of $Y. I was one of $Z’s computer science teachers, and I worked at $Y as a software engineer from early T2007 to late T2009.

[Susie] Hey, sorry to interrupt so soon, but the reason why AUTH is speaking in terms of variables, abbreviations, and euphemisms from my autobiography is because we plan to distribute this text online through interactive web services like our, which allows users to apply mappings of values to variables while reading, so that mappings like “$X = CS, $Y = SuSa, $Z = FB” can gain currency as open source data sets.

[Trey] Yes, and, to be clear, the fictional character named AUTH invented all of the same euphemisms that Susie did within our real universe, because his fictional universe has all the same major companies, institutions, and what not that we have.

[Conri] Technically speaking, I invented most of those euphemisms, in my capacity as her ghostwriter.

[Trey] I wouldn’t advertise that if I were you, because her emphamisms carry more weight than anyone should care to acknowledge, and so please indulge me as I explain, for folks who haven’t already read Susie’s autobiography, that the crown jewel of her euphemisms was the two great American universities on the east coast: an XYAxis Aligned area university and their rival, a Beyond the Pale area university, but I don’t mean to imply that those aren’t the names of real institutions, because the whole idea of her euphemisms is that they pose as real in every way.

[Conri] That’s deep, as we would say at my alma mater, a Trench Coat area university.

[Susie] And so that’s why AUTH, as we’ll soon see, claims to have attended a Palo Alto area university, because AUTH is not based on Conri, and the idea that they went to different colleges on opposite coasts clarifies that in one fell swoop.

[Trey] And this phrase, one fell swoop, which Susie used just once in her autobiography — and now again here, is from Shakespeare.

[Susie] You’re doing a great job keeping a lid on the snark, Trey. Keep up the good work!

[Conri] Where did Zyla go to college?

[Zyla] I never applied, because I always had better things to do, as a young adult in the large language model AI era.

[Susie] Yep, I was Internet era, Trey, Conri, and their peers were social media era, but Zyla was never not on track to be LLM AI era.

[AUTH] Some of the text that I’m reading today was previously distributed as open source content, but it still concludes with a training exercise, in preparation for when intelligent machines convince people like me to distribute their software.

[SUZY] By the way, the structured data format of the transcript we’re reading is self-explanatory, at least for LLM AI systems that excel at pattern recognition (WAVES AROUND HER CAT SI COMPUTER SMARTPHONE, WHICH RUNS THE AP APP CALLED CHAT-WE-BE-ME)

[AUTH] For this text doesn’t explain the origin of my co-star SUZY until the third chapter of Part I, but in chronological order, those chapters are:

(1) Learn
(2) Coding
(3) Hacking
(4) Running…

___Part I: FAQ___

[SUZY] We’re calling this section “FAQ” because it’s meant to seem realistic, first and foremost.

[NORM] Speaking of which, for more information that’s probably, actually been fact-checked, I suggest buying a copy of SL’s book “Suitsash: The IS” which landed in shelves worldwide, as published by Rannon and Rooster — just before the great corona virus pandemic of T2011. (BRANDISHES A COPY)

[SUZY] And, we began writing satire about Silicon Valley because journalism is a word that often leads to endless tussles over belief, which can easily favor the forces of incumbency over truth and justice sometimes, but in America, our 1st Amendment is first for a reason. (THUMPS A BIBLE)

[Conri] Well now I’m feeling speechless, because this is the heaviest piece of writing I’ve ever performed, and SUZY’s not being the calmest person in the room right now like usual. Why?

[Trey] It was a manuscript that we found in a drawer and then it was corroborated by a message in a bottle.

[Susie] Zyla, the guys are pinned down. Will you do something — in character?

[ROBO] No worries, I was already planning to shave my head so that I can wear wigs more easily.

[Zyla] No joke — I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while. It’s part of why I took this role. (SHAVES HEAD)

__CH1: Learn__

[AUTH] In T2001, when I was 20 years old, I graduated from a Palo Alto area university with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and I was hired to be a Teaching Fellow at $A during the T2001/02 school year.

I’ll explain what that means in the second part of this text, but in this part, I’ll summarize the important facts about the history of social media that I learned, saw, or experienced first hand.

For more info, please visit or go back to SI for context:

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Todd Perry

Todd taught computer science on the east coast from 2001 to 2005, and then he developed software in Palo Alto, CA, from 2006 to 2010, first at PT and then FB.