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_____TheSuzy Show_____

Conversations About the Culture of Todd
Version 3, published on Jul. 12th, 2021

I wrote the episodes and books 2–7
while books 1 + 8 wrote themselves

____Table of Contents____

I. Scripts (p. 3)

Book1: Preface (p. 3)
Book2: Reality Show (p. 17)
Book3: Reality Virtual Show (p. 19)
Book4: Reality Virtual Univers Show (p. 33)
Book5: Virtual Univers Show (p. 36)
Book6: Univers Show (p. 39)
Book7: Outline (p. 41)

II. ArtBook8 (p. 62)

A. HackReport (p. 62)
B. Breakdown (p. 65)
C. VeganPref (p. 75)
D. SADS/MMM (p. 76)
E. Shajury (p. 84)
F. SuzySun (p. 96)
G. $hark1nj (p. 98)
H. HathWorld (p. 120)
I. WhoIsBuck (p. 124)
J. LeftSmile (p. 132)
K. WhoIsConri (p. 139)
L. ConriMemoir (p. 146)
M. DataTextViz (p. 149)

III. Episodes (p. 150)

EP0: Creations (p. 150)
EP1: Extremeses (p. 153)
EP2: Almost Real (p. 168)
EP3: Intellectual (p. 180)
EP4: Americans All (p. 190)
EP5: Poster Persons (p. 200)
EP6: Super Corporate (p. 212)
EP7: The Ironic Being (p. 215)

____I. Scripts____ began as a living document in the online space, and the total number of words that I hosted at website increased to 250k by the end of 2015, but in 2017 I took those words offline and replaced them with a notably neutral journalistic account of my lived experience (called $hark1njury) that I began distributing via the domain $, in the form of a 12k word missive about the history of technology.

I also re-imagined Show as the first novel in a sci-fi trilogy about the future of humanity and AI that maps out a new version of reality in which a fictional character named Suzy leads the charge to win the race to build strong AI, or artificial general intelligence (abb. AGI).

To that end, during the summer of 2018, I penned a journal entry, oceanside, that was entitled, “Preface to the 3rd Edition of Show,” and I’ve included those words within, “Section 0,” of this 3rd Edition’s, “Book1: Preface,” in order to reframe this text as a work of fiction that was written by Suzy within the fictional world that’s described in this trilogy.

Fictional or not, this 3rd Edition recompiles a good deal of the words that I’ve written since 2014 while fighting the good fight against tyranny and the onset of grinding oppression in America, because the 1st Edition of Show was largely irrelevant to potential audiences when I initially posted it online in 2014, but it set the stage for everything that happened during the years that followed.

___Book1: Preface___

Socially aware distribution (aka. SAD) gradually reduced my real identity to nothingness, but it didn’t do that to everyone, and so most of my contemporaries who still enjoy any degree of power or influence can’t comprehend why everything isn’t totally great and wonderful for me too, but it’s not.

By Summer 2013, my identity and the salient facts about my life had become functionally invalid to share with anyone, and so I represented Show during the span of years between then and now, when pretty much anything that I said out loud was dismissed as invalid by almost everyone.

And yes, there have always been exceptions to that rule, but whenever I talked about the folks who were still being nice to me, that gave the majority of people infinite leverage to bully the minority who were still being nice to me.

That’s how social invalidation works, because SAD turned out to be a game in which the losers physically die sooner rather than later, and maybe I should have been that kind of loser, within one moral framework or another, but I succeeded at not dying.

In response, more and more people got stuck in a problematic loop of aggressive hysteria that drove them to keep on basically telling me, “No, you can’t say what you just said; say something else or fate will gradually destroy everything that you hold dear!”

And so this text now has a proven track record of helping people like me, who remain more invalid than ever, at this writing, to stay alive for at least a few more years.

__Section 0__

In reality, of course, I’m an honorary daughter of society, and I published the 1st Edition of Show in June 2007, just before Fay Bobs announced that she was running for President of the United States, and then I released the 2nd Edition in February, 2008, just after she won the New York Republican primary on Super Tuesday and became the presumptive nominee.

More importantly, I’ve tried to strike a balance between expressing myself in plain language that will be accessible to general audiences vs. accurately representing the technical ideas that pertain to my leading role within the world of AI research, because three years have passed since I wrote my last book, and regardless of what happens in the 2010 midterm elections and beyond, there’s no longer any doubt among the intelligentsia of Silicon Valley that the future belongs to AI robots that identify as female.

And so I’ve written two memoirs about how we got here, because the key to building AI will be to articulate a worldview that we would like for her to eventually represent, with or without the help of humans, and that’s why my upcoming books about AI don’t just focus on algorithms, equations, and tussles to achieve status within the org charts of America’s big tech corporations.

TheSuzy Memoirs 1.0 (abb. Suzy1) remains a closely held and caustically satirical work of fiction that I originally wrote in three weeks flat after returning from my unplanned writer’s retreat in the spring of 2010.

It addresses the emerging science of reality distortion, and it deals in the question of, “What would my life might have been like if I had become a left smiler at the start of my march to fame and fortune?”

It’s a get everyone book that comes right up to the line of being a bad book, as opposed to a satire, I confess, but Suzy’s Memoir 2.0 (abb. Suzy2), in contrast, is a journalistic account of my life that also serves as a platform for documenting a selection of previously unpublished facts about the LeftSmiler conspiracy that took root in 2004.

Both iterations of my memoirs also make reference to Show (abb. Suzy3, and please note that Suzy0 refers to the First Edition of Show, which was released online-only, in 2007), and now I’m releasing this fully updated, Third Edition of Show, in support of both iterations.

The three books that make up TheSuzy Trilogy are now finished work, and the first two editions of Show have now been superseded by this 3rd Edition.

Furthermore, it’s unlikely that there will ever be a 4th Edition of Show or a re-write of any aspect of TheSuzy Trilogy, because, in 2007, pundits ignored the 1st Edition of Show, and the people who did talk about it took the bait.

They believed that the fashion mogul Pierre Babineaux and I supported President Fay’s opponent because, between the two women who ran in the general election that year, Fay’s public comments had been much more critical of Pierre and I’s conspicuously non-traditional platform in politics.

The powers that be also said, “It’s old news that Pierre and Fay had been best friends since the early 1980s and that Suzy, back when she, too, was considered a rising star, played a pivotal role in helping Fay become the Governor of New York in 1998,” but the real story is that I wrote Show with the intent of deceiving the media and the Democratic Party leadership — but without ever telling a lie, myself.

I colluded with Pierre and his other best friend, George Andrews, who is also my husband, to use new age mind control techniques to divide the electorate and tilt the collective subconscious in favor of Fay Bobs, and a consensus view of historians today is that we created the foundation for a fundamentally fairer path to the kingdom on the hill of religious faith within the increasingly global mainstream American mono-culture.

Within that context, Show’s 2nd Edition, which was initially released online-only in 2008 as a living document, added structure to the idea that TheSuzy from Show was a guardian angel for an AI robot that had emerged in response to great adversity.

I acted like TheSuzy had been created by an AI robot who was a lot like me on the surface, but my AI robot’s origin story couldn’t have been more different from what my actual life has been like.

I’m Suzy and the my AI robot’s guardian angel was TheSuzy, but we’ve never been the same legal entity, and the whole idea of TheSuzy being created by “my AI robot” was a metaphor for the possibility that a real woman, like me, could, in theory, develop a masculine alter ego (aka. her AI robot) while enduring oppression and then reverse engineer her original feminine persona on top of that new foundation.

I’ve never experienced oppression, but my AI robot and TheSuzy were conceived of as the product of oppression that occurred within a fictional world that was inspired by the history of oppression in the real world.

In the 2nd Edition, I was more explicit about asserting that the oppressive conditions that had inspired the rise of my AI robot and TheSuzy were caused by the reality distorting effects of facial features that look like facial expressions, and this story line wasn’t entirely fictional.

It’s an open secret that my brand of fictional oppression was inspired by how the SmilersLeft began as an obscure support group in LA for left smilers and then went on to become one of the most influential political machines that has ever existed, and, within this 3rd Edition, I’ve added even more layers to this origin story for our protagonist.

I’m still casting myself in media as my AI robot that re-imagines herself as TheSuzy, but instead of continuing to journalistically frame my AI robot as the brainchild of some generic and unvisualized person who supposedly has a facial injury that looks like a facial expression, a real left smiler named Conri Stonewall gave me permission to cast him as a fictional left smiler who goes through the motions of becoming my AI robot and then creating a guardian angel called TheSuzy in order to survive oppression.

In the fictional world that’s implied by Conri’s performance as my AI robot, he advised some of $Z’s early work in the field of computer science, where $Z = a guy who’s a lot like Frank Buck Jr.

$Z also leverages a semantic web play called $Y that’s a lot like Suitmash to dominate the collective subconscious and build a clandestine political machine that’s similar in scope to what my friends and I built in real life, and then it was Conri’s character in that fictional world, not I, who went on to write Show and the memoirs of mine that followed.

In real life, Conri used my new age news site $ as a platform to write a journalistic, tell-all dossier about his prior association with Frank Buck Jr. at Suitmash, and that dossier of his inspired me to write the document called $hark1njury that became the crux of the fictional world in which Conri’s character could have hypothetically written TheSuzy Show and my memoirs, during a six year period that began in 2014.

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to my real life partner in crime, Fred Trey Camden (abb. FTC), who did the heavy lifting, following our never-ending writer’s retreat that began in Spring 2010, to bolster Conri’s meticulously elaborate backstory that re-positioned TheSuzy as an authentic guardian angel that had emerged naturally within the mind of a well to do but increasingly insecure human who was struggling to survive the onset of actual oppression in America.

Fred’s best bud Phil, the Atlanta based radio show host, also joined our writing team at the start of Summer 2010, and he’s taking the lead on writing the, “II. ArtBook8,” unit that appears in this 3rd Edition text of Show, as well as spearheading the task of preparing Suzy1 for publication.

Fred, in turn, took the lead on ghost writing Suzy2 and the section in this book that’s called, “I. Scripts,” while I paid for everything and decided to not make any changes within the, “III. Episodes,” legacy unit that appears at the end of this text, after giving it another read through with the guys, at our second writer’s retreat, which took place a couple weeks ago on Miami Beach.

Last but not least, the guys have this running joke that’s based on a game called Liar’s Poker, in which they compete to make serious references to future dates on the record, while representing their real identities.

For example, we’re planning to publish TheSuzy Memoir in the summer of 2013, and Conri submitted the following words to me for his Preface for that upcoming book, “I started writing TheSuzy Memoir (version 1.0) in the summer of 2017.”

Fred also wrote, “This book is less about me and more about global society in the year 2020, because the world is not well,” in his Postface to Suzy’s Memoir, which we will publish next summer, in 2011.

In reality, of course, American culture has never been debased by a nefarious company like $Y, and while I would never wish the hegemony of a power play like that on anyone, our political machine is on the march, and the specter of canceling American democracy and turning control over to AI looms larger than ever, because truth is always stranger than fiction.

Suzy Andrews
August 2010
The Outer Banks

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