Is this shark as tall as the cliffs, or is this a normal shark that’s just leaping to cliff-height?

SharkInjury 1.52

Todd Perry
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I started distributing this document in spring 2017, and then I issued a new version number whenever I made any changes to the text, but there was almost no response to this information from the mainstream media until 2020, at which point one credible source made a notable reference to the “SharkInjury 1.32,’ Medium posting.

For additional background, I’m planning to start selling a new book before the end of 2024 that’s currently called “TheSuzy Show Memoirs,” and here are two paragraphs from the latest draft as of summer 2024:

I started selling “ Show” as a 2014 ebook, and I wrote the first version of Suzy’s Memoir (aka. Suzy1 with ID #1) in 2017, but then I removed those texts from the Internet in late 2018, because the scope of this project had evolved.

I also reformed the versions of those texts that appear here now, in the sense that the characters from my Book I (aka. Suzy2 with ID #2) claim to have published all the same words as me within their fictional universe — and now they’re reading this whole book aloud on stage.

Also, one of the first sections that’s called “MY PREFACE” begins as follows:

[AUTH] This is a story about the global impact of $Y. I was one of $Z’s computer science teachers, and I worked at $Y as a software engineer from early T2007 to late T2009.

[Susie] Hey, sorry to interrupt so soon, but the reason why AUTH is speaking in terms of variables, abbreviations, and euphemisms from my autobiography is because we plan to distribute this text online through interactive web services like our, which allows users to apply mappings of values to variables while reading, so that mappings like “$X = CS, $Y = SuSa, $Z = FB” can gain currency as open source data sets.

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