Is this shark as tall as the cliffs, or is this a normal shark that’s just leaping to cliff-height?

SharkInjury 1.53

Todd Perry
2 min readApr 4, 2017



I started distributing this document in spring 2017, and then I issued a new version number whenever I made any changes to the text, but there was almost no response to this information from the mainstream media until 2020, at which point one credible source made a notable reference to the “SharkInjury 1.32,’ Medium posting.

Before that, I self-published “ Show: Conversations about the Culture of Silicon Valley” as a 2014 ebook, and then I wrote the first version of Suzy’s Memoir (aka. Suzy1 with ID #1) in summer 2017, but then I removed those unfinished texts from the Internet in late 2018, and yet I’m pretty sure that a few organizations still have copies of SharkInjury 1.32, if nothing else, given that it was mentioned in print, even though my new flagship work of fiction about Susie with the SIE spelling (aka. Suzy2 with ID #2) since early Feb. 2019, or so, is totally fictional and separate from anything that I’d written before, such that any similarity, would be… coincidental.

Ditto for my second work of fiction, novel to be, etc. about Suzy with a ZY.

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