Let’s imagine a software application that would allow a Buyer to pay a Seller in return for performing the following tasks:

1) Buyer attaches a collection of texts to a “spool” within the app, and the app would also provide a terms of service agreement and a content moderation service…

____TheSuzy Memoirs____

A Fictional Autobiography by Todd Perry
Version 1, published on Jul. 13th, 2021

TheSuzy.com Show is another work of sci
-fi about the future of humanity and AI

___Table of Contents___

Story of TheSuzy Show (p. 2)
Preface to the Show (p. 3)
CH1: Regulator Road (p. 11)…

___Suzy’s Memoir___

A Fictional Autobiography by Todd Perry
Version 2, published on Jul. 12th, 2021

This isn’t exactly journalistic
fiction is exactly what this is

__Table of Contents__

Preface by Suzy (p. 2)
Preface by Fred (p. 3)

CH1: Cash Course (p. 5)
CH2: Helpful Hacking (p. 65)
CH3: Startup Story (p…

_____TheSuzy Show_____

Conversations About the Culture of Todd
Version 3, published on Jul. 12th, 2021

I wrote the episodes and books 2–7
while books 1 + 8 wrote themselves

____Table of Contents____

I. Scripts (p. 3)

Book1: Preface (p. 3)
Book2: Reality Show (p. 17)
Book3: Reality Virtual Show (p. 19)
Book4: Reality…

Mirror: sharkinjury.com
News: thesuzy.com


This is a story about the global impact of $Y. I was one of $Z’s computer science teachers, and I worked at $Y as a software engineer from early 2007 to late 2009.

The text I’m reading is open source content, and it had more…

Todd Perry

For every reason in the book and then some, my articles on Medium are designed to speak for themselves.

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